Old Bay, the famous Maryland spice was looking to build a physical presence that would connect them with loyal fans. 

We knew that their customers enjoyed Old Bay because it is an easy way to spice up ordinary dishes. We also noted that adventurous consumers often look to novel travel experiences as a way to spice up their routines. 

In order to battle the bland, we created The Bay Hotel – a bold hospitality experience that encourages food-lovers to come together and transform their ordinary.

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Located in the Fells Point neighborhood of Baltimore, The Bay Hotel caters to locals and travelers alike.  

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The Bay Hotel’s restaurant is the ultimate adventure for Old Bay lovers. Enjoy fan favorites like OB crab dip or, branch out and try the OB pimento donuts. 

The rooftop at The Bay Hotel Is the perfect mix of relaxation and entertainment. Enjoy a round of mini-golf with OB seasoned fries or sip a spicy Bloody Mary while listening to live music. 

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