Phonocut is an at-home way to create custom vinyl records using music from your library. The product was initially launched on Kickstarter in 2019 and managed to more than double its goal of €199,999.

The Ask

Propose how Phonocut will go to market now that it has been funded.

The Challenge

With the rising popularity of streaming services, vinyl is perceived as irrelevant and uncool. 

The Solution

Bring back record nights.

Bring back physical playlists.

Bring back musical love letters.

Bring back vibing together.

Bring back the Joy.

The Research

Streaming services currently account for 62% of the music industry. Despite this, vinyl is flourishing. In 2018 vinyl sales reached $419M, the highest since 1988. The introduction of Record Store Day in 2008 has heavily influenced these sales. In fact, in 2019 over 827,000 vinyl records were sold in one week following Record Store Day. It’s clear that vinyl is appreciated by specific consumers.

The Targets

The Mix Master

Music enthusiast/hobbyist

Appreciates the quality of vinyl sound

Enjoys sharing their fav songs with friends

Finger on the pulse of the music industry

The Curator


Works in a creative industry

Passion for music, painting, film, and/or writing


Aesthetically selective about items they purchase

The Creator


Indie musician

Collects records as souvenirs

Intimate listening sessions

Wants to send samples to venues and agents

Where to Play

The goal is to meet music enthusiasts where they hang out and show them the power of Phonocut. Consumers would have the ability to burn a physical playlist in a matter of minutes, demonstrating the quality and ease of use Phonocut provides.

Local Music Shops

Phonocut would have its initial launch on Record Store Day (April 18) through select in-store demos. 


Music Festivals

Phonocut will record performances and allow attendees to create their own vinyl playlists from the festival. Many of these attendees fall into one of the target markets creating a potential for them to purchase their own Phonocut player. 

Maker Spaces

In addition to marketing directly to consumers, Phonocut would market to universities, art centers, and libraries. These spaces would allow users who might not be able to purchase at the moment, still experience Phonocut's capabilities.  


Media Relations


Most importantly, Phonocut would build relationships with select media outlets in order for Phonocut to be featured in targeted articles. Examples include features on Rolling Stone and Stereogum as well as inclusion on the Architectural Digest Holiday Gift Guide.

Team members:

Camden Dechert (AD), Shaw Schiappacasse (CW), Nick Vega (XD), Nana Dadzie (ST)

Kimberly Burgess

Creative Brand Manager