Peloton sought to double down on its mission of uniting the world through fitness in order to connect with a younger audience. 

We found that many younger millennials view Peloton as a purchase for later in life when they can afford larger living spaces. We saw an opportunity through Peloton’s app to appeal to this new audience now and leverage a bike purchase down the line. 

Peloton Freestyle utilizes existing exercise equipment at city parks and connects users to the Peloton app for workouts unique to each park. 

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Peloton Ambassadors

App subscribers have the opportunity to join pop-up workouts with other Pelotoners. Led by local Peloton instructors, these park workouts are the perfect way to engage with fitness-minded friends.

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How It Works

Park users can access this special section of the app by scanning a QR code. A selection of strength and cardio workouts unique to the park will appear. 

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Why It Works

Peloton’s investment in fitness for all will prove its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. The program will not only generate social chatter, it will also prove to a younger consumer that Peloton is for them. 


Shannon Gill (CW)
Sydney Toller (AD)
Edward Beckwith (MBA)

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