Paymerang is the leading FinTech company in Richmond, working with a vast network of accounts payable departments in education, banking, and media. 


In addition to handling all vendor payments for mid-sized companies, Paymerang also gives clients quarterly rebates based on what they've spent. 

The Challenge

Paymerang wants to break into the healthcare market, but lacks the brand awareness necessary to gain a foot in the door.

The Ask

Create a marketing strategy that will grab the attention of decision-makers in healthcare AP and guide them to the Paymerang website.

The Solution

Make human connections through the Paymerang Effect.

Paymerang Effect [ pey-muh-rang ih-fekt ] noun

Reciprocal actions of service

The Paymerang Effect leverages the existing qualities of Paymerang to create a humanized brand image. While looking at competitors in the vendor payment industry, focus was fully on promoting automation and software systems. The Paymerang Effect shows companies they are working with a brand that they can feel good about. 

Team members:

Joe Brooks (CBM), Bianca Naidoo (CBM), Charlotte Robbins (ST)

Kimberly Burgess

Creative Brand Manager