Lumastic is a social media startup with a mission of connecting creatives. The brand encourages users to discuss their process rather than posting a finished product. The problem is most people don’t want to share their process, especially the messy parts. 

Lumastic set out to establish a brand strategy that would battle this ongoing challenge and create an environment that makes users feel comfortable with sharing everything from inspiration to roadblocks. 


The Strategy

Lumastic offers intentionally collaborative connections to make your ideas a reality.


Emillee Lampert (CBM)
Brian Siepka (ST)

Jonathan Castaneda (CBM)

Angel Song (CBM)
Grant Bauley (AD)
Madeline Guzzo (AD)


My Roles

Stake Holder Interviews
Brand Audit
Brand Positioning
Strategy Development

For this assignment, we were originally competing against another team to present different creative executions for the client to choose from.


However, we decided to come together with the other team to collaborate in order to give our client the strongest brand identity possible. This included logo redesign and guidance on a new layout of the social media platform.