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I began my career in the Fine Art world, managing an upscale art gallery in Richmond, VA for several years. Over time, I realized I was drawn to the branding aspect of the business and was especially excited about building a marketing plan to increase our exposure. I gradually realized branding was my true calling, so I searched for a graduate school that would give me the tools to thrive in the advertising industry. Luckily for me, one of the best programs in the world was right down the street!

Flash forward two years and I am now studying Creative Brand Management at the VCU Brandcenter. I've greatly enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with peers in an environment that fosters experimentation and innovation. My previous career and current studies have provided me with a well-rounded understanding of creativity with a business mindset.   

Fun Facts


In my early years, I was a competitive dancer and enjoyed trying every form of dance possible. I originally aspired to be on Broadway, only to have my dreams dashed by the fact I cannot sing.


My younger sister is my travel buddy and we have visited 11 countries together. My favorites have been Croatia and Norway.

I love shooting film and take a film camera with me almost everywhere. My favorite camera is my medium format Mamiya 645. 

I love animals and currently have one cat named Stella and a dog named Leo.