ART 180 was seeking ways to stand out in a growing Richmond, VA art scene. Competing non-profits also offered art classes, but ART 180’s competitive advantage was its fierce commitment to providing a safe and creative space for youth. 

We saw an opportunity for ART 180 to stay engaged with its community through a redesigned website. The refreshed site streamlines communication and gives ART 180 an unmistakable online presence. 

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Current, past, and future students are the core of ART 180’s mission. 

Ultimately all benefits of the new website come back to youth. Donor money, engaged alumni, and informed parents create the perfect storm of support for ART 180 students. 

The new website makes donating to ART 180 easy and informative. 

The image-focused design shows whom their donation is impacting and how art has changed their lives. 



The bios section of the website allows ART 180 to show off its impressive roster of artist instructors and to highlight board members. 


Parents entrust ART 180 to provide a safe learning environment for their children after school. 

The new website allows parents to stay in the know through the events page, instructor bios, and program descriptions. 


The bios section of the website allows ART 180 to show off their impressive roster of artist instructors and highlight board members. 

The website not only highlights successful alumni but also encourages them to guide the new class of students. 

Jonathan Castaneda (CBM)
Kimberly Heard (CBM)
Joe Brooks (CBM)
Monica Roebuck (CW)
Amanda Thao (XD)
Joe Mrava (XD)

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